Quest: Monitor Your Negative Self-Talk

I had set my first Quest in SuperBetter to “Track My Negative Self-Talk”. In the workbook, I remember reading that “to break any habit, you need to increase your awareness of that habit. Awareness precedes change. One way to do this is by carefully observing and documenting the habit when it occurs.” – Healing the Trauma of Domestic Violence Workbook

So I made a form to help me track my negative self-talk. The only problem is, I can’t access it on my smart phone, which is the easiest place to go and track something that at any given time of the day. But, I will try to be dedicated! 

Here’s the form. It’s simple, but keeps track of the types of negative self-talk I talked about earlier, when I’m saying them, and how often.


And the results so far this week.




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